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We are Spell, and we are thought leadership and PR consultants to professional services firms.

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Thought leadership is the best way to show your expertise to your clients. Whether you’re looking to fill your sales pipeline, shape how you’re seen by clients and peers, or simply let more people know who you are, thought leadership is a vital tool for any firm offering professional services.

It strengthens existing relationships and sparks new ones. It takes firms to the next level.

But it’s hard to do it well – to cut through the noise. And that’s where we come in.

We’re a specialist team with deep expertise in thought leadership marketing for professional services firms. We speak your language, we get what you’re trying to do, and we can help you make it happen.



Successful thought leadership starts with a strong strategy. We’ve done this many times before and we will work with you to swiftly develop a robust plan that delivers.

We look at:

  • Objectives: what impact will it have?
  • Audience: who do we want to influence?
  • Message: what do we want that audience to think and believe?
  • Format: is the optimum format a white paper, think-piece or blog series?
  • Roadmap: who needs to do what and by when to ensure we reach our deadline?



Engaging your subject matter experts in the process is critical. You need someone who can interview them in a way that gets their attention, draws out their most interesting and relevant thoughts, and makes optimum use of their time.

We’ve spent decades interviewing people – from corporate CEOs to high growth founders, from Government ministers to reality TV stars. We’re adept at directing these conversations so not only do we get the content we need, but the experts we interview enjoy the experience and want to engage again.

Often we’ll look to support your expert opinions with proprietary research, and we partner with one of the UK’s leading research firms to deliver this.



Whether it’s a white paper, think-piece, or blog series we have the writing skills to convey your expertise, to capture your tone of voice, and to create a piece of thought leadership that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

Production and launch


We can produce your thought leadership, and support you through every aspect of its launch - from developing the plan to putting it into action through media outreach, speaker panels, website pages, social media posting, breakfast seminars, webinars, mailouts and so on.

The end result is a thought leadership programme that drives your marketing, business development, media relations, and social media. Whether you’re looking to fill your sales pipeline, shape how you’re seen by clients and peers, or simply let more people know who you are, thought leadership is a vital tool for any professional services firm.

Our Team

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Cher Keane - Director

For over a decade Cher has been immersed in the world’s leading professional services and accountancy organisations from early roles at the likes of Buck to a five-year stint as a Head of Marketing at top ten accountancy firm RSM.

She has led marketing campaigns across industries ranging from creative media to law, and many others besides. Cher specialises in working alongside partners and board members globally, translating their intellect into attention-grabbing campaigns that deliver return on investment.

Her work in this area has consistently demonstrated how powerful insight, determined research and a good wordsmith can turn a simple observation into an attention and media-grabbing platform which attracts new business, strengthens existing client relationships, and raises the profiles of individuals and companies alike.


Alex Blyth - Editorial Director

One of the UK’s leading business journalists for 15 years, Alex has been published in national newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times as well as a host of business titles including Accountancy Age, Financial Director and Accountancy.

The author of three business books, Alex has written thought leadership material for many of the world’s leading companies from Dell to Canon, from HSBC to Deloitte. As a freelance thought leadership writer for Deloitte’s marketing team over many years, he delivered research-led white papers, bylined articles for partners, and a range of marketing content.

For the past 10 years Alex has led the editorial team at Red Setter, a PR agency specialising in the design sector. In this role he has hired, trained and coached a team of thought leadership writers, and the firm has established a reputation as the natural partner for design firms with expertise to communicate.